Explore the Estate.

We have some lovely walks and parts of the estate to explore, which are exclusive to guests of Hawarden Estate Holidays. These are perfect for a post-pub lunch leg stretch, a morning dog walk and everything in between. 

Guests of Hawarden Estate Holidays can explore the Walled Garden, too.

If you would like a tour of the Old Castle, please get in touch as this is not an area of open access.


The Lake Loop

About 40 minutes.

A wonderful walk to and around the beautiful lake. This lake is private, and access is for guests of Hawarden Estate Holidays only. It’s a nature reserve, with lots of amazing birds and trees. You may be lucky enough to spot a Kingfisher!


Please adhere to private signs, gates and fences. The code for any gates you will need is in your welcome booklet. Please don’t share, and please shut and lock gates as you go.

To Broughton Gate

About 40 minutes there and back.

A simple but lovely walk, straight down a path to the Broughton Gate, and back. This is a perfect morning dog walk, and one where you will probably regularly see a member of the Gladstone family and their dogs.


Again, this is a private part of the Estate and is for Hawarden Estate Holidays guests only. Please adhere to private signs, gates and fences. The code for the gates will be in your welcome pack. Please don’t share, and please shut and lock gates as you go.

Billberry Woods

1 – 1.5 hours each way, depending on when you turn around.

Head through the village, past The Glynne Arms and into Hawarden Park. This walk takes you down into the beautiful woodland, through farmland and through an open park. This is perfect for a longer walk on the Estate, and is open to all local permit holders. Please read signs, and mind out for sheep and cows if you have dogs.


When you walk through the village, please keep your dog on the lead, and be really careful when you cross the road (twice).

The Explorer Trail

Perfect for children, The Explorer Trail is a signposted walk that takes you around the perimeter of Hawarden Farm Shop.


Start at the Farm Shop. Follow the orange arrows. Walk through the woodlands, wildflowers and orchards. Explore Wild Cat Wood. Write a letter to the birds. Be free. Run wild!


Here you’ll also find Explorer Club, which is a series of weekly craft and play sessions designed to inspire budding explorers.

The trail is for all ages. It is designed to be interesting, educational and fun. Follow the orange signs and see what you discover. The closer you look, the more you will find. You can also buy a map for £3 or an activity pack from the Farm Shop for £6 to make your adventure even better.

Further Afield

Hawarden Estate is only an hour’s drive from Snowdonia National Park, which is full of amazing walks and beautiful lakes to swim in.
Around 20 minutes away there are great walks up Moel Famau and Loggerheads Country Park.

We are also not far from the sea! Point of Ayr is a huge beach around 25 minutes away, and, if you have time, a day trip to Anglesey is well worth the drive.