A brand new podcast series. 

Hosted by Charlie Gladstone and Sarah Hellen.

You can now listen to a brand new podcast series hosted by Charlie Gladstone, founder and one of the current custodians of Hawarden Estate, and Sarah Hellen, Creative Director here. The first series is about Hawarden Estate and specifically, The West End of Hawarden Castle. There are 7 episodes in total which will be available to stream via all podcast platforms every Thursday from 21st March 2024.

“In 2017 I launched my podcast series called Mavericks, in which I spoke to people doing interesting things, from craftspeople and chefs to celebrities such as Nick Clegg, Kirstie Allsopp and Harry Enfield. I did about 100 episodes and then I just totally hit a wall and couldn’t get myself to do any more. I think it was probably a lockdown burnout thing as I went on a bit of a podcast creating rampage and that used all of my podcast fuel.

Anyway, back in those days of relatively few pods, lots of people used to listen to mine and they are still available here.

Now, my colleague and friend Sarah Hellen and I have recorded a short series about The West End of Hawarden Castle, which you can listen to below.

I have always wanted to say that something I do was ‘a response to popular demand’ and to a degree this is, because in the early months after the launch so many people had some many questions about the West End, its history and revitalization, that we alighted on this as the best way of answering these questions.

Sarah has a terrific ‘radio voice’, I enjoy her questions and we both have Hawarden very deep in our veins. More series will follow, but for now I hope that you enjoy this.”

– Charlie Gladstone